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The tamed Web

The American R&D firm Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp in a joint effort with the Caece University from Argentina has developed a semantic methodology to map at its deepest thematic detail all Web pages. This mapping will enable Search Engines to offer next generation YGWYN-OOC, You Get What You Need - Only One Click services to their users meaning a direct access to what they need, namely the best pages, in only one click.

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Darwin and FIRST
Darwin and FIRST are two interrelated AI concepts and products that belong to Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp. Darwin are Intelligent Web networks with nodes enabled to learn from their respective markets within a cooperative context. Each node is managed by FIRST, an Expert System with the abilities to learn from users and to maintain and upgrade their content by themselves. We invite you to visit our Darwin Guided Tour. This prototype was initially launched on July 8th 2003 at CAECE University, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a result of a Tri National effort - Argentina, USA, and Spain - under a Joint Cooperation Agreement between Intag and the University.

Note: You may also go to our Darwin-FIRST Faq, and if you prefer to have a real "hands on" experience go to our first Human Knowledge Map prototype!.


Darwin Scope

When reading the Profile of i-Websites you may appreciate the vast panorama that opens from a New Knowledge Management Ontology that enable "anthropic algorithms" to beat humans in Information Retrieval matters. The new ontology is a creation of Juan Chamero, Intag´s architect. 

See Theater Mapping, a skeleton sample of our second proto Map (launched on September 2007) about Art: 7.570 nodes-subjects, 300,000 keywords, and an Art Timeline automatically performed by agents.
Darwin Conceptual Tours
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